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伊頓自助婚紗 ▌台北 板橋 桃園 新竹 台南 高雄

This place is just awesome! My fiancé and I were traveling to Taiwan for a friend’s wedding and looked into getting our engagement photo shoot done there. We initially picked Eton because they have a team supporting those who travel abroad to Taiwan for a photo shoot. They completely understood our limited time and scheduling challenges. Our contact person Xuanxuan (瑄瑄) was extremely accommodating of our schedule the entire time including working around the wedding we were attending and our other traveling plans.

Our first in-person appointment was the day before the photo shoot, where we went in to pick out our

 outfits for the next day. They have an in-house tailor service that tailored all the dresses I picked immediately. Afterwards, we met with the makeup artist and photographer, who were very attentive to our needs/style. Bring photos or share your Pinterest board, they will get exactly what you want. If you don’t have a clear idea, they will also be patient to offer different options until an agreement is reached.

The day of the shooting started at 7am with makeup and hair. Two and half hours later, we were on our way to our first outdoor shooting location. The entire shoot took about 8 hours including a lunch break and a few breaks to change outfits and hairstyles. There was no feeling of being rushed and the photographer really took her time to make sure that we got the best pictures. She was clearly very passionate about her job and we really liked that.

We went back to Eton 3 days later to finalize and pick out the photos we liked for editing and photo album. What should have been a 4hr process took about 6hr because the photos came out so good we had trouble choosing. In summary, we highly recommend Eton for their top-notch service and quality photos! Special shout out to our contact person Xuanxuan (瑄瑄) who really made the entire process seamless and easy for us! Thank you!



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