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Only You Wedding 唯你婚紗

We are from Toronto, and it was worth travelling all the way here to Only You studio for our engagement photoshoot.

Our photos turned out amazing and the experience was magical.

We first heard about OnlyYou from two really close friends. The recommendation was proven to be wonderful and it all started from our first encounter with our OnlyYou Sales rep. Xiao Chi was very helpful and accommodating. Even with the timezone difference, we did not feel a lack of response. Communication was mainly through LINE. It only took a few great conversations and the next thing we knew, we were all set and scheduled for our photoshoot! When the dates got closer, we received kind reminders for all our the appointments. We were ready and were super excited.

As we arrived in Taipei, we checked the weather forecast closely every single day. Rain was on the forecast and it looked like our luck was out. We quickly called Xiao Chi 3 days before our shoot and asked it if was possible to reschedule our phootshoot to another day without rain forecast. We got a quick reply from our photographer and as easy as that, we were rescheduled !

Second and third day of our short trip to Taipei, we spent meeting with various teams of OnlyYou Associates. From choosing our dresses, suits and of course meeting our photographer. The entire experience was smooth and unforgettable. All associates were very kind, patient and ready to ensure that our photoshoot goes exactly how we imagined it as.

The entire experience felt personalized, like it was created only for us "OnlyUs". Before flying to Taipei, we were required to create a quick "proposal"; from what type of hairstyle we wanted, makeup, scenery, style of the photos....... everything.

Our photoshoot team included Ah Zhe (photographer), Bella (Make up artist) and Ellie (Photographer assistant). The team was highly professional and took care of us from 7am to 6pm... yes it was a long day but every minute was so special

The team was really caring and took care of us like we were stars shooting a hollywood movie. Every minute, second was about US and Only Us.

We chose to take photos within the studio, at a traditional historic Chinese home, the forest up in YangMing Shan (highly recommend) and at the beach.

After the photoshoot, we were promised to received our photos within 45 days...... and the wait began. Just after around 30 days, we received an e-mail from Xiao Chi that our photos were ready ! The photos turned out absolutely stunning and were exactly what we were hoping for.

I would highly recommend going with OnlyYou for your photoshoot. They were able to create our own personalized photoshoot experience that will forever be so special, unforgettable and magical... OnlyForUs.





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