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謝謝伊頓婚紗台北工作室 茶茶及所有曾經協助我們的工作人員 讓我們全家特別是女兒 留下深刻且美好的回憶



伊頓自助婚紗 ▌台北 板橋 桃園 新竹 台南 高雄

謝謝伊頓婚紗台北工作室 茶茶及所有曾經協助我們的工作人員 讓我們全家特別是女兒 留下深刻且美好的回憶

This wedding photography studio is great!! I was recommended by my aunt who had done a wedding shoot and really liked her pictures, and so I decided to try it. The service is excellent and they are very clear and concise about every step of the process. The pictures are amazing too! Since I live in the US I had a short stay in Taipei, but they were able to accommodate me into their busy schedule. Also, even though I used this photography studio for senior portraits, they still gave me a variety of options and were able to accommodate everything I wanted in this shoot. Special thanks to 茶茶 for helping arrange everything and for working out great deals for us! My family and I appreciate all you have done for us. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone looking for good pictures, not just for wedding photos (but their wedding pictures are beautiful as well :)).

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