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iling彩妝造型 iling Make-up

Iling 造型總監真的太棒了,她非常專業非常細心, 親切友善,又貼心❤️。婚禮的一個星期前,Iling老師還打電話給我和我討論我喜歡的造型, 並給我她最專業的意見。我非常非常喜歡她幫我做的每一個造型,尤其是第二次進場和送客時的造型,沒想到她的巧手竟然可以把我變成我一直很喜樂很想要的造型 '希臘女神' 和 '宮廷公主'。謝謝iling老師讓我夢想成真!我的老公說,如果幾年後我們再拍週年婚紗照,一定一定會再用iling老師, 到時候我要變成埃及皇后了喲! 

Iling is so amazing! She had such wonderful raving reviews that I trusted all would be ok. And all her reviews were so right! I never regretted my choice, She made me look and feel so gorgeous. Even before I met her, through all my phonecalls and line exchanges with her, she was so professional and offered her advices to me. I highly recommend using iling, you will be so happy that i did! She has a wonderful eye for color, respectfully listens to your requests, and moves throughout the getting-ready period of the day with a calm, collected stress-free attitude. She was on time and ahead of schedule. I'm really glad and grateful to her for making my wish come true - turning me instantly into a greek goddess and royal princess. I would highly recommend her – she is totally worth every penny.



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