Pre Wedding Outdoor Shoot & Indoor Floating Theme


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We first started to know about 新竹法国巴黎婚纱 when we saw their behind the scene video coverage on Facebook. Their floating(漂浮) themes were very unique and beautifully done. After further research and checking on their packages and offers on Facebook with 均均, we decided they shall be the one to take charge of creating our once in a lifetime memory.

Fast forward to October, after making all the necessary bookings and confirmation with our coordinator, Niki. they assigned a very friendly and helpful uncle driver, whom they work with for airport transfer for their customers to pick us up. When we reached Hsinchu, Niki messaged us that last minute she was assigned to an outdoor event on that day but she ensured we were well taken care of during our first visit. A good start to the day was followed up by meeting with the friendly gown helper, Dora and browsing through the huge collection of gowns they have. As we do not have any ideas on what type of gowns is suitable for the bride to be, therefore we asked her for help. Due to our indecisiveness, for 4 hours, I had tried on numerous gowns and not once did she express any displeasure. Can't imagine if I choose to add on gowns.

On the first day we also got to meet our stylist 佳樺 and photographer 徐Sir. We had very fruitful discussions with the both of them. They were extremely experienced professionals and that helped a lot in the process to achieving the perfect dream shoot.

On the second day, also our photoshoot day, 徐Sir,a strict looking but talented photographer, was very pleasant to be around. He was clear and efficient, asking what we wanted and guiding us through the entire shoot with an extra sense of humor to make us smile and laugh to achieve the effect we want. He was also the driver for the day. 佳樺 was like the mature big sister who is always around to ensure everything went smoothly and both of us are in our best conditions in every locations. To top it off, she is an exceptional makeup artist and hairdo expert. While she was touching up our makeup, there was a few tourists who secretly took photos and said we look fabulous! Two thumbs up to her styling skills!

致维, our lighting helper who look very young, was very helpful and experience. We were very lucky to be assigned 2(and later 3) very passionate assistants. They helped out with the lightings, props, carry our clothings, sunglasses, shoes, and whatever-you-can-name, to make your photoshoot pleasurable. Taiwan people are generally good and helpful people. Coming to serving their clients, they are even helpful and more service oriented. But these youngsters really left a very lasting and positive impressions on us. Their commitment and energy level throughout the day was simply amazing.

Overall, we were blessed with good weather(no rain) and a very professional team. The price is still within out budget. We believe we had gotten a good deal mainly because of the awesome service standard they have, and the unique photos with so much feel! We definitely strongly recommend 新竹法国巴黎婚纱 who are considering or looking for a bridal shop!




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