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是否接受商家優惠/利益: 否

We get to know France Paris Hsin chu via their facebook page. After watching some of their assignments & doing some research, we decided to do our pre-wedding shoot with France Paris Hsin Chu. After that, we started making enquiry with front line person of overseas customer, 林均均. She is super nice person with good attitude. She also is quite responsive to my every enquiries & she explained very details about the services & she is willing to go extra miles to provide us the best customer services.

Thumb up ???? . Our photographer 郭sir who is very professional & awesome. Firstly my hubby & i were quite worried about the postures & facial expressions for photo shoot. However, 郭sir guided us very well about the body postures, smiles & he really put a lot of effort to make us looking good & natural in the photos. While we are taking photos, He keep talking some jokes & make us laugh & relax. Appreciated. Of Course, he also never fail to capture every of our best moments.

I would say that she is the best make-up artist i ever met. I love every make-up looks & hair styles done by her. She also care from hair to toes to make me looks beautiful & gorgeous from every angles. She also never fail to ask me if I satisfied with the hair do & make up every times she finished styling. She is the one who is more than happy to listen customer's opinions, prioritise customer's feelings. If you are having photoshoot at France Paris Hsin Chu, highly recommended to look for Lu Lu as your make up artist & you will be never regret that.

The cutest assistance ever, very helpful person with always cheerful mood. He is very active & taking care all the details of us and also taste us laugh while taking photos to have the most natural expressions & smiles captured.

The coolest videographer ever. She is very helpful & patient. She never fail to record our best moments.

She is very friendly, patient & let customer feels super comfortable. Firstly, i was a bit shy to try the gown in front of her. But, she is super sweet, put a lot of effort & listen my concern carefully. Also, she gave me a lot of good advices for choosing the most beautiful & suitable gowns. Highly recommended to look for her for your prettiest outfits.

Niki is very friendly, organise & quite efficient. Thumb up for her as well.

Lastly, i am very satisfied with this whole team. Highly recommend this powerful & professional team at France Paris Hsin Chu ??????.


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